Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RIHS Photos for the Explainer

I have mentioned some interesting facts about Philippine Railways during the show of Manolo Quezon. This was based on the MR 350 collection of the US Archives. Below are some of the pictures I prepared but were not shown because of lack of time:

The Antipolo Station picture above was taken on May 1, 1910. This is a rare photo of the Antipolo station with people waiting for the train carrying the May 1 pilgrims.

The Manila Belt Line Bayanihan Photo. MRR Megamovers Circa 1908. A rare photo of a house being moved using the newly built rails of the Manila Belt Line near Paco Station.

One hundred years ago, the Manila Railroad Company completed the Pandacan Swing Bridge. The MRR trains finally crossed Pasig river in 1908.

William Howard Taft visited the Philippines a year before he became president of the United States. He inspected the MRR line to Baguio. The above picture was taken in Baguio showing Secretary of War William Howard Taft together with Governor General Cameron Forbes. The automobile in the picture was one of two Stanley Steam Automobile exported to the Philippines.

Only in the Philippines courtesy of the American railroad engineers, MRR tracks on top of Bued River. Rush! Willian Howard Taft wants to visit Baguio!

The first attempt to build a railroad to Baguio was the line from San Fabian to Camp 1. From Camp 1 the plan was to build a line to Baguio using Kennon road. A year after the line to Camp 1 was built, the mighty Bued river washed out an entire segment of the line.

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