Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lake Paco No More!

Hanjin workers started the rehabilitation of the rails beside the Paco Railroad Station last Tuesday March 4, 2008.

Photo above shows the fast progress of the rehabilitation work. The whole stretch above was done by the crew in only four days. The stagnant water was also drained by the same crew. Bye bye Lake Paco.

More crooked rails to be fixed by this small crew. The south bound rail is closed from 10 am to 4 pm. During this period, only the north bound rail is open for both north and south bound traffic.


Victoria Kapauan-Gaerlan said...

Hello Mr. Tiongson, I am planning a trip to Bicol on the train both for the experience and to take photographs for my blog. Can you point me in the right direction as to how to get to the station from the Makati/Sucat area?

jmom said...

Thank you for sharing these photos and news. It's hard to find a broadsheet, tabloid, radio or TV station that reports on issues that truly benefit the nation.

juanel said...


correct!masyado ng bias ang abs-cbn amnd gma7! puro paninira na lang ang highlight..zte was cancelled, jun lozada is alive, get OVER it!

this photos speaks for themselves, progress is continuing HOWEVER, slow it is, at least, WE ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!

hs said...

To Juanel
For your information the Koreans are rebuilding the track and stations from Near Tutuban to Alabang only and does not include funds for equipment. This is not under investigation because it is a pay as you go arrangement and it is between PNR and the Korean government if I am correct.