Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hondagua Visit

American period MRR building at Hondagua.
Hondagua Station.
PNR Engineering Department, Area V, Hondagua Division.
Old MRR gate at Hondagua.
Philippine Flour Mill, Hondagua, Lopez, Quezon.
Barangay Bagacay, Lopez, Quezon. Hondagua was once part of Barangay Bagacay.
An old MRR observation car.
More MRR stuff.
A Buda at Hondagua.

More pictures of Hondagua here.


hs said...

The trip to Hondagua was one of the high points of our year so far. We thank Bill for providing the transportation as it was an all day excursion into some of the most beautiful parts of the Philippines. We want to restore the line car and not sure of its origina. It looks local shop made and the drive train is strictly automotive style with a transmission and gearbox to wheels and a spare set of cast wheels

hs said...

I might add that we will be scheduling a meeting with certain officials of the PNR and they are receptive to "selling" us the line car for our use to promote Philippine railway awareness and history.

Anonymous said...

First, i wanna thank Laguna Railways for posting this place..Glad our hometown is in the net!!! finally! long years ago i havent seen this place, we have lots of memories here specially PFM (coz this is were i grew up) Ahhh..i miss Lolo (former PFM Gen. Manager the late BGEN. PAULINO A. SANCHEZ)Its totally different now but glad they preserve the ancient stuff there. The old train this is where my brother got electrified!hahaha likot kc..Ah...i miss this town a lot! Hello to all the pipol who once become a part of our lives for 16yrs!miss u guys.