Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ICX Container Yard and Locoshed

The short branch to ICX Container yard was constructed in 1996. ICX started operations in March, 1998. It was merged with ICTSI in November 2002 and has ceased to operate since February 2003. They only operated using one loco which was shipped to Australia this year.

The last months of ICX operations at Manila North Harbor in 2002 can be viewed here.

The yard is located beside the Mamatid Triangle. Please download this kmz file to view ICX yard. The yard is right beside the Canlubang Branch.

ICX Administration Building.
ICX Locoshed.
Locoshed inside view.
The former container yard of ICX. Only the six lamp posts are left.
The railroad to Makiling? Just an empty space.
ICX Train Gate. This is located beside the Mamatid Triangle.
They lifted all the tracks except this switch.
The start of the branch. Bicol or ICX?

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