Tuesday, September 18, 2007

San Pedro - Carmona Branch

Station Location: Magsaysay, San Pedro, Laguna. Why is the station called Carmona?

Start of the inspection. Philippine Railways Historical Society members first field trip.

Carmona Station and Market. September, 2007.

When is the market day? Inside the Carmona Station Market.

Tickets anyone?

Empty bench. Carmona Station Exit.

PNR Carmona Station Office. Modern day archaeological site.

End of the line.

PNR tropical jungle.

Where is the PNR historical marker?

Development standstill. Y2K bug?

The last train to San Pedro left last year.

San Pedro - Carmona Railroad Underpass, Southluzon Expressway.

A station without a name.

Railroad curve ahead.

Tight squeeze. Use the left track if you are going to Bicol and the right track, from Carmona.

Original Philippine-Japan San Pedro-Carmona railroad ties. John Holland did not rehabilitate this line.

Wood in between concrete ties. John Holland Southrail rehab.

San Pedro, Laguna Station. No train from Carmona here.

Locked! Railroad Switch or Jeepney stop sign?

The start of the branch. Converted to Jeepney station?

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