Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Royal Decree of May 11, 1888

ARTICLE 1. The railway lines of general service of the Island of Luzon, which constitute the plan of the Government, for the purposes mentioned in the royal decree of August 6, 1875, are the following:

Lines of the north:
From Manila to Dagupan by way of Tarlac.
From Dagupan to Laoag by way of the coast.
From San Fernando to Iba by way of Subic.
From Biga to Tuguegarao by way of Balinang and Cabanatuan.

Lines of the south:
From Manila to Taal by way of Calamba, to Albay by way of Santa Cruz and Nueva Caceres.

ART. 2. The definite studies of these lines shall fix the intermediate points of their course, which shall be adjusted with the object of harmonizing the conditions which the direction of a line of general interest demands with the object of serving the greatest possible number of towns.

ART. 3. A study shall be made of the line from Manila to Taal through the valley of the River Pasig, without prejudice to making an investigation also of the branch to Cavite as soon as its necessity and advisability for the interests of the State is proven.

ART. 4. For the purpose of the cited royal decree, the lines from Manila to Dagupan, Biga to Cabanatuan and Batangas, and from Calamba to Santa Cruz shall be considered preferred lines.

ART. 5. New lines shall not be considered in this plan unless their general direction and conditions are first made the subject of the investigation prescribed in article 13 of the royal decree of August 6, 1875.

ART. 6. The study, construction, and operation of these lines shall be subject to the prescriptions of the royal decree of August 6, 1875, and to those of the royal orders of June 7 and August 9, 1876.

Gaceta de Manila, August 19.

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