Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Manila Railroad Company 1905-1917 Records

Philippine Railways Historical Society Wishlist:

Manila Railroad Company 1905-1917 Records in microfilm at the US National Archives.


Textual Records: Executive orders and proclamations of the Governor General of the Philippine Islands, 1898-1935, and the President of the Commonwealth of the Philippine Islands, 1935-36. Correspondence of the Philippine (Taft) Commission, 1900-6. Acts of the Commission, 1900-7; the Philippine Legislature, 1907-35; and the Philippine National Assembly, 1936-37. House and Senate bills of the Philippine Legislature, 1928-35. Galley proofs of A History of the Philippine Insurrection against the United States, 1899-1903, 1906, with related records of the War Department project to publish the history, 1898-1916. Correspondence and reports relating to Gen. Mariano Noriel and Apolinario Mabini, 1916. Records of the Philippine Exposition Board, 1904-5, and the Manila Railroad Company, 1905-17.

2. Photographic Prints (12,059 images): Philippine Islands, including agricultural and industrial activities, native peoples, public roads and facilities, Emilio Aguinaldo, soldiers, public officials, and general scenes, 1898-1935 (P, BS; 10,200 images). Group portrait of the Philippine Commissioners in Washington, DC, 1904 (C, 1 image). Philippine Islands, some views taken by Lt. C.F. O'Keefe of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1899-1928 (PC, 436 images). Manila railroad, Philippine Islands, and notables including William H. Taft and Gen. Leonard Wood, 1907-16 (MR, 1,208 images). Public works projects in the Philippine Islands, 1909-12 (PW, 39 images). Portraits of Philippine officials, 1900-35 (O, 94 images). Palm plants, Bureau of Education, in album, ca. 1910 (E, 81 images). SEE ALSO 350.7.

3. Poster (1 image): "Baguio Summer Resort," issued by the Manila Railroad Company, ca. 1930 (PO).

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