Monday, July 2, 2007

Mandaluyong Railway Line

Mandaluyong line branched near Polytechnic University of the Philippines and ended in Barangka Ilaya near the Guadalupe Bridge. There are railway stations within this line, namely: Daang Bakal, San Jose, Hulo and Barangka Ilaya.

The black line is the Mandaluyong line while the red line is the railway going to Laguna or the South railways.



This railway line was in use in the mid to late seventies. I rose on it a lot, and in fact, the last PNR ride I had in the late seventies was on this line in January 1979.

I thought all the while that the line remained in use till 1983, when I passed by the railroad crossings at Boni Avenue and another one north of it, and saw the line was no longer in use.

Why it was abandoned I don't know. They should resurrect this line again.

Adu Du Probe said...

If i'm not mistaken, the collapsing of the bridge carrying the tracks over San Juan river is the reason why PNR halted it operations, there was a plan during the term of General Manager Pete Prado to reconstruct the bridge and reopen the line as part of the Metrotren Commuter service.