Friday, July 27, 2007

Higgin's Aringay-Baguio Line Found!

The Manila Railroad Company started to construct the Aringay to Baguio Line in 1911. Unprecedented rains caused delays and financial difficulties. World War I caused European suppliers to default deliveries of vital railroad equipment. Only 12 kilometers were built and in December, 1914 work on the line ceased. Please download this kml file to view line. Please note that the Google Earth image of the Aringay-Baguio line is "clouded in mystery". Historians noted that MRR built railroad tunnels along the line. The Aringay-Baguio line was the second attempt to build a railroad track to Baguio.

The first attempt to construct a railroad track to Baguio started in the early 20th century and the San Fabian-Camp One line was opened to public on March, 1908. The line was also abandoned in 1914 but was reconstructed up to Binday in 1937. Download San Fabian-Camp One Line here.

The lines can be best viewed together with the Dagupan-San Fernando (La Union) line. Dagupan-San Fernando (La Union) line can be downloaded here.


Basil said...

HI there,

i was wonreding how did you guys find the line? looking at google earth, you can see evidences of a rail road. A friend in from aringay and she never heard about the railroad in her area.

Are there tracks there or they were also removed? Im going to baguio soon, i hope to go down to aringay and take some pics of the line, if they are still there.


Mapangurirat said...

my mother is from aringay and we were aware of a tunnel system from aringay to baguio but i did not know it was for a railroad system. I think that the entry way to the tunnel system in aringay belongs to my aunt's family, the Diaz family. Thank you for sharing this information.

win said...

noong 1960's isinara yan para sa pan philippine highway kung saan other roads ng kennon roads are early railroad line at ang tunnel sa benguet na ginawang highway rin ( if not mistaken)at ang tunnel rin na binanggit sa aringay, ang evidence ay isang road triangle sa rosario la union kung saan ito ay isang dating railroad triangle na ang isa ay galing sa cabanatuan (if not mistaken) at ang galing san fernando la union

steven cinco said...

hello guys,im steven cino and my step dad is a great treasure hunting named AKA (SAM)he is a canadian so he said that is any people went through the tunnel yet in aringay he is asking coz he is interested to any mystery any one here in this comment can u plss tell us too for any mystery in la union,plss email me at thank u