Friday, July 6, 2007

Canlubang Sugar Estate Railways

Railways within Canlubang Sugar Estate are long gone except for few traces of the old railroad tracks on the road around the Sugar mill. Within the estate the remaining lifted tracks are being used not as railways but steel barriers or posts. Picture below shows a bridge using the tracks as railings.

The construction of the superhighway and the subsequent influx of Industrial plants led to the demise of the Canlubang Sugar Estate and the lifting of the tracks. Fortunately, the superhighway that caused the conversion of the cane fields into industrial parks is also the same highway that shows us the location of the once proud railways. The Canlubang Sugar Estate Railways crossed the South Luzon Expressway in three points.

The picture above is the Cabuyao Extension Railway overpass of the South Luzon Expressway. There are two more railroad crossings, an overpass and one underpass. The railway underpass is part of the Canlubang branch of the southrail.

Same overpass (in circle) above but using Google Earth. With the development of the Asia Brewery exit (surrounding the overpass), this structure may be lost forever.

In its heyday, PNR branch was constructed from Cabuyao to the estate.

One can see the underpass of this branch along the South Luzon Tollway after the tollgate before the Mayapa turnpike.

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