Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Antipolo Extension Rosario Junction

Antipolo Extension branched in Rosario, Pasig. The red line is the railway going to Taytay while the black line is the railway going to Marikina up to Montalban. The Antipolo extension is part of the Mandaluyong line previous posted. Based on the timetable number 49 (in Navy Guide to Cavite and Manila page 96 published in 1908), the Antipolo extension has eight stations up to Rosario Junction namely: Manila, San Lazaro, Santa Mesa, San Felipe Neri (in Mandaluyong), San Pedro (Mandaluyong side of Pasig River across Makati), Fort Mackinley (Pasig side of the river),Pasig and Rosario. After Rosario going to Montalban, the route has four stations, Marikina, Bayanbayanan San Mateo and Montalban. There is only one station along the east branch (red line), Taytay.

The Mangahan floodway was constructed across both Montalban and Taytay branch of the railway.

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